Herbal Remedies for Stress Management

Before turning to chemical sleeping pills, which can help you sleep but have many undesirable side effects.  It is recommended to try more natural substances such as plants. There are obviously drugs to sleep, it is hypnotic drugs. They can always be used as part of your prescription. But always as a last resort. These molecules have many side effects, and they expose us to a risk of dependence. Before we get there, to find a satisfactory sleep, plants are our best allies.

Some plants improve the quality of sleep without disrupting the different stages of sleep. Among those that have proven successful are essential oils chia seeds and cannabis … These plants are rather anxiolytic, that is to say they have a proven effect against anxiety. It is known, for example, that eschscholzia contains, as active ingredients, alkaloids which are anxiolytic. But there are also plants inducing sleep (they promote falling asleep), such as lemon balm and hawthorn.


Essential Oils


It’s not just plants that can help us have a good night’s sleep. You can also get help with essential oils. Several essential oils are known to have soothing properties by their composition. But the favorite essential oil of is surely the essential oil of lavender, a classic!


To enjoy the virtues of lavender essential oil, you can put two drops on your pillowcase or on your pajamas, if the smell does not displease you. You can also apply two to three drops on the solar plexus or on the inside of the wrists. The solar plexus as the inner side of the wrists are strategic points to act on the nervous system in aromatherapy. Apply about thirty minutes before going to sleep.

Chia Seeds


If you consume chia seeds regularly you have an idea about the many benefits this super food has to offer, a major one is that it promotes good sleep. This is due the amino acids that it carries which is responsible for making the person feel more relaxed and sleepy. A lot of people deal with the same experience when it comes to Thanksgiving and the tradition of eating turkey because it carries the same amino acid and thus deliver the same feeling at the end.

There is one difference between eating turkey and eating chia seeds; in the first, you could always eat for as much as you can, but in the second you should always watch out for the amount because chia seeds carry twice the amount of tryptophan that is found in turkey.

There are actually different other benefits related to the amino acid tryptophan and which include regulating the appetite, regulating the sleep patterns, and also bettering the mood of the person; so you are not only going to have a nice sleep, but you will also manage to make your mood better if you were feeling a little bit down.


Despite the many harmful effects of cannabis (those who read this article in the hope of feeling validated will be sadly disappointed), it has at least this merit: in the short term, it puts you to sleep more quickly. Note however that the American study that proves this effect dates from 1973 (no news since, to believe that studies on cannabis is not a priority) … and that even if the subjects had slept well, the next day they were a little … smashed.


Reduction of REM sleep phase

Cannabis cuts short your paradoxical sleep, the phase of your sleep cycle during which you dream. Instead, it lengthens your time of deep sleep, which gives the impression of awakening to have slept well a restful sleep. One is not very sure of the harmfulness of this effect, but if you stop smoking suddenly, expect a turnaround with colorful psychedelic dreams.